Adding Wistia as an oEmbed Provider in WordPress 4.0 & WordPress 4.1

Adding Wistia as an oEmbed Provider in WordPress 4.0 & WordPress 4.1

(originally posted on Bring Your Own Design)

With today’s WordPress 4.0 sendout, embedding content from other sites just got way easier. While there is a pretty large list of oEmbed providers, a very important one for us SEOs was left out: Wistia. Don’t worry, though. There is a way to make Wistia videos work the same was with a simple paste of the video URL, much like a YouTube video works.

In your theme’s functions.php, paste the following code:

wp_oembed_add_provider( '/https?://(.+)?(|*/', '', true );

This will let you take the native Wistia video URL, and have the video show up in the Visual editor for easier formatting of the post. It’ll take this:

…and turn it into this (it’s a video from one of our spectacular clients!):

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  1. Dan Rollins



    THank you for this information Chris! I am comfortable with customizing WP but far from a PHP guy, so, question for you. I just replicated what you instructed (for those like me, I had to paste the code referenced above inside , at least it seemed to have worked).

    So when I did that and tested a post it seemed to act like it was working, then when I previewed the post it gave me a php error in line XXX. Is this because I have a CNAMED Wistia URL? Instead of my account URL is

    Any word of advice to get this working? Thanks so much!
    Dan Rollins

    • Admin





      wp_oembed_add_provider( '/https?://(.+)?(*/', '', true );

      My Regex is rusty, but I think that should work.

      • Dan Rollins



        Thank you for the info! Didn’t work. I added the code you replied with and it didn’t work. I then also added the original one from your post and that didn’t work. However, I do have a NON CNAMED Wistia account and I tried that and it in does fact work. So, looks like a CNAMED account is the issue, which is a huge bummer because that is my main account.

        Any other ideas on a solution for that?

        Thanks again!

  2. Gareth



    Hi Chris

    Just building a full wistia integration plugin if you would like to test it out

    Just adding the analytics dashboard at the moment.


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