Keyword Research Using Python, RAKE, and Support Chat Transcripts

Over at WordPress.com, our main avenue of customer support is live chat. We previously were on Olark, but has since built out a chat system that we call HappyChat (support folks are referred to as Happiness Engineers). There are a number of excellent features that the development team has built in, but an often underutilized one is chat tagging. If a user joins a chat, and asks about a domain renewal, that chat might be tagged with “domains” or “domain-renewal”; we aren’t very strict on tagging, except in certain circumstances. We can pull out the data we need even if the tagging is a little fuzzy.

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Grow Your Traffic with Keyword Research

Grow Your Traffic with Keyword Research

This post is an introduction for WordPress.com bloggers to the concept of keyword research, with some real-world examples, tools, and step-by-step guidance.

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Three Google Search Console Tips for Better SEO

Three Google Search Console Tips for Better SEO

This is a post I wrote geared towards WordPress.com users. However, the tips are great for any site, no matter the platform, and are the very first things I do after verifying a site on Google Search Console.

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