Four Ways That Search Marketing Costs May Rise In 2013

(originally posted on DesignBigger)

In successful SEO campaigns, long-term return on investment tends to be better than in a PPC campaign. It’s almost like renting versus buying; even though you might have spend more upfront, you’re building equity that can be “cashed in” later in the form of organic rankings, citations/backlinks, and search engine results page domination.

That being said, a well-run SEO campaign will likely become more costly in the new year; more work and time has to be devoted to keep an acceptable level of success. Let’s look at a few ways that costs might rise in 2013.

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Yahoo Testing Cost Per Lead Search Ads

Since the Bing/Yahoo merger, Yahoo's ad system has been in a serious state of turbulance. While it's never been on par with AdWords, there was some value to be had in certain verticals. In what we'd call a bold move, Marissa Mayer and company have launched Cost Per Lead ads, in a bid to earn some income in advertising apart from the Microsoft deal on normal PPC ads.

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3 Ways To SEO Someone Else’s Site (And Benefit From It)

All the time, we're told that all of our efforts should push traffic only to our site. We should be building links to try to raise domain authority, take advantage of referral traffic, and building up rankings for our site. While we can't abandon those ideas altogether, sometimes there are moments where stepping outside of that thought pattern can really help us in the long run.

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